Product features

● It has a mass production cell conversion efficiency of up to 19.1%, and currently, it is one of the mass production most efficient 6 inch polycrystal PERC cells in the market.
● Blue anti-reflective film on the surface locks up more sunlight and turns it into electricity.
● Pentagrid design reduces the series resistance, and the modules produced are relatively high in power;
● Thinner and more dense grid line can reduce the surface occlusion and enhance the collection of electrons.
● Improved weak light performance improves power generation capacity in light of twilight, early morning and cloudy days;
● Lower light attenuation can ensure the long-term stable power output of modules;
● All cells are classified according to the power and current, thus ensuring that the cell of the same electrical performance is packaged as a module.
● Quality of each cell is monitored, recorded and can be tracked in each production link;
● It has the minimum fragment percent;
● Uniform surface color and delicate appearance.