Product features

● Quick response capacity

● High reliability

● High compensation capacity

● Simple operation method and structure

● High cost performance

Product features

● Universal structure, flexible assembly

● Standard module

●Security protection

● The main technology parameters are at the international leading level

Product features

● It mainly contains power transformer with voltage of 110kV and below, as well as the power transformer with voltage of 220kV and above;

● It isolates inverters and the grid to prevent the harmonics from jumping into the grid;

●It can effectively contain harmonic.

Product features

● Advanced, safe and reliable technology

● High automation

● Flexible combination mode

● Low investment with quick returns

● Beautiful appearance, easy to coordinate with environment

Product features

● Photovoltaic array system voltage: DC1000V

● Maximum input current of each circuit: 10A

● Number of input circuit: Configured as per requirement

● Rated current of fuse: Corrected as per short-circuit current ¿ of module