Battery Module
 Sunflower -60 系列 多晶黑硅太阳能组件(270-285 Watt)

60 series Polycrystalline Silicon Double Glass Module (270-285 Watt)

Product features

5 main gird photovoltaic cells:
More uniform current collection capability reduces the current heat loss of the internal cell in the module; Beautiful appearance is more suitable for roof installation.
High output power:
The maximum output power of 60 pieces of polycrystal modules is 285Wp。
PID resistance assurance:
It can reduce the attenuation rate of the scale production module caused by PID phenomenon (attenuation induced by potential) to a minimum under 85℃/85%RH.
Low light performance:
By using the fine glass and the texture surface making technology of the cell sheet, excellent performance in the weak light environment can be achieved.
Load capacity:
The overall module is certified by of wind load of 2400Pa and snow load of 5400Pa.
Adaptability in severe environment:
High salt mist and high ammonia corrosion test is authenticated by TÜV NORD test.
Temperature factor:
Better temperature coefficients make the modules less attenuated at high temperatures.