2017 "build a dream and achieve greatness"


exhibition entrance

In October, the most beautiful city-hangzhou ushered in a solar industry event. On October 12, the global Payment of Intelligence photovoltaic solutions leader—The UNIEXPV invited industry important partners and friends, several well-known media industry agglomeration in the beautiful city of hangzhou, witness the UNIEX zhifibao listed whole household system and investment summit.

Guests to attend this summit is executive director of the China renewable energy institute photovoltaic commission, the national development and reform commission (NDRC)/global environment fund/world bank director of the office of the Chinese renewable energy development projects, the pv branch secretary of the Chinese renewable energy association, Mr Wu Da into zhejiang solar industry association secretary general Mr Shen Fuxin, soapy photovoltaic network CEO, Mr Cao Yu the UNIEX new energy the UNIEXPV general manager Mr Chen Liangdao, deputy general manager Mr Song Yu the UNIEX photovoltaic, the UNIEX photovoltaic household division director Mr Zhang Pingwu and huaxia bank, huatai property insurance co., LTD., shenzhen guerrero watt new energy co., LTD., Germany Rhine TUV rheinland group leaders. At the same time, dozens of prominent photovoltaic industry media gathered here, together with participants from all over the country to witness the launch of the system listing and investment promotion summit of the building.

exhibition entrance

exhibition entrance

Mr. Chen liangdao, general manager of the exhibition, first delivered a speech

At The beginning of The meeting, The UNIEX new energy, The UNIEXPV general manager Mr Chen Liangdao first speech, he told to attend this The UNIEX zhifubao listed on The machine in competitions of leaders from all walks of life, partners and dealers sincere welcome from all parts of The country. In his speech, Mr. Chen said that this conference will be a great exchange event for pv industry wisdom, and the senior people from all walks of life will bring the in-depth development of photovoltaic development. Looking back the development of UNIEXPV, he expressed sincere thank for each employee, the the UNIEX zhifubao listed is the machine in the UNIEXPV gung-ho wisdom crystallization, he believes that the future UNIEX will be to the next level, to promote the development of photovoltaic industry, and more power to carry out the national green clean energy strategy.

Mr. Wu dacheng has a macro analysis of distributed pv

Mr. Shen fuxin has been explaining the photovoltaic project of the million rooftop family in zhejiang province

Summit speaker, executive director of the China renewable energy institute photovoltaic commission, the national development and reform commission (NDRC)/global environment fund/world bank director of the office of the Chinese renewable energy development projects, the pv branch secretary of the Chinese renewable energy association Mr Wu Da into from the perspective of macro analysis of the status quo of China's household photovoltaic system professional interpretation in distributed photovoltaic market development present situation and prospects, mention 40 million independent roof, according to the 20-50% of installed capacity, there will be 3200-800 billion the size of the market, and now the market development rate less than 5%;Zhejiang solar industry association secretary general Mr Shen Fuxin to deputies to the national demonstration photovoltaic industry of zhejiang province in recent years to popularize the use of, for example, household photovoltaic in-depth interpretation of the millions of policy and household photovoltaic roof project in zhejiang province.

In-depth interpretation of pv development trend - conference site

How to achieve the million rooftop family pv in zhejiang province?What are the secrets of building a national photovoltaic industry model?Industry veterans look forward to the future development of the photovoltaic industry, deeply interpret the pv development trend, and bring a wonderful audio-visual feast to the participants.

Song yu, deputy general manager of The UNIEXPV, used data to interpret The advantages of pv development

At the same time, Mr. Song yu, deputy general manager of the exhibition, also gave a thorough analysis of the development trend of the UNIEXPV and the unique enterprise culture of the UNIEXPV.Data show that in the first half of 2017 China's new photovoltaic capacity of 24.4 GW, including distributed photovoltaic 7.11 GW, increased 2.9 times in the whole new photovoltaic capacity, distributed photovoltaic (pv) of high than 29.14% for the first time, and become the mainstream of people had to face.The strong rise of distributed pv in 2017 is no doubt, and distributed projects represented by households are developing rapidly.In 2017, the installation of zhanyu photovoltaic (pv) at 630 mw in the world of 630 mw will prove to be a promising development potential for pv industry.

Expounds the parent company of us now – the UNIEXPV energy in photovoltaic component production advantage: established in March 2008, the current battery capacity about 3 gw, four period completed production line, can achieve 5 gw scale at the beginning of 2018.As a subsidiary of yuxin energy, zhanyu pv is a provider of one-stop photovoltaic solutions.And use data to analyze the profits generated by photovoltaic power generation to investors: a photovoltaic system for households.Take a client in zhejiang province for example. 10.80 kw, annual yield of 12.27%.Compared with 2.75% of the average bank account, it includes 4.25% of some wealth management products, far higher and long-term stability.In this regard, the market gains are clear, we had a few good dealers last year, have already sold the gross profit to the tens of millions, some dealers themselves can't believe.Mention this is what we always say, must find the air tuyere, indoor photovoltaic is the next industry's air vent.

Speech by zhang pingwu, director of the business division of the UNIEXPV

At The meeting, The UNIEX-zhifubao system started The ceremony with a large number of guests.Household photovoltaic system have a certain financial product qualities, The UNIEX - zhifubao through quality, finance, insurance and operational integration service mode, distributors hand in hand to create wealth at The same time, bring more end consumer is filled with sunshine, green environmental protection, pollution-free high quality life.How to catch up with The UNIEX-zhifubao product launch.Mr. Zhang pingwu, director of The UNIEXPV household division, explained The policy of joining to The guests in detail.The personage inside course of study and value The present guests said UNIEX - zhifubao machine in future development of The system, The UNIEXPV as The industry well-known brands, not only The photovoltaic (pv) into The thousands, benefit more customers, more promote The development of photovoltaic industry made a example.

The opening ceremony of the whole machine household system

Signed with shenzhen growwatt new energy co., LTD

Signed with Germany Rhine group

Sign with huaxia bank

Sign with huatai property insurance

The UNIEX - zhifubao online can not do without The full support of The general partners, The competitions, The UNIEX - zhifubao whole household photovoltaic system finance new products will jointly huaxia bank, national high and new technology enterprise new energy co., LTD., shenzhen growwatt, huatai property insurance, The international leading technology service provider in Germany Rhine group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, The establishment of industry alliance, mutual benefit, mutual promoting The UNIEXPV career forward.

Dealer signing ceremony

In this case, there are nearly 400 customers, with over 300 signed clients, over 75% of site signing rate, and 86% of contract signing customers, and over 60 million on-site payment.

The UNIEXPV believes that The development of enterprises must be with The development of industry trends, The diversity of industry consolidation is forming, The UNIEXPV also looking for a suitable cooperation opportunities in all walks of life, in The face of opportunities and challenges coexist, needs The joint effort of The whole industry chain partners.

In The following part of The signing ceremony of The new system of The UNIEX-zhifubao system, dealers from all over The country will take part in The ceremony, and The dealer signing ceremony will be held simultaneously.Has long been The UNIEX adhere to globalization and global vision, open thinking, innovative spirit, adhere to The "diversification, branding, international" development strategy, with "feeling in The new world, leading The new energy" for The mission, is committed to lead The global energy industry zhi hui change, promote The construction of a sustainable development in The future, create a new world of ecology, green.In a short time, The power of UNIEX brand radiation native north and south, into The thousands, to today's brilliant cannot leave The same for every partner's cooperation and support.

In October, the most beautiful city--hangzhou witnessed the strength of the UNIEX brand again "to build a dream and achieve greatness"!The new arrival of The UNIEX-zhifubao system has marked a new era for home pv.

Zhejiang province via vision - "2017 photovoltaic" explosion yuan "investment income or 10%"

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